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Grunt Rebellion[edit]

Fancruftorama. If anybody knows what fiction this belongs to they have my full blessing to merge and redirect. --fvw* 23:31, 2004 Dec 14 (UTC)

  • Looks like it's based on the game Halo, which I know little about. Merge this and everything in the Halo category into one article. —tregoweth 23:54, Dec 14, 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete: I don't usually use the term "fancruft," but since we've been told not to use it, I'd have to say that this is fancruft. It's "rumored to be" something from Halo. Rumored? I don't see a merge as a huge need here. Geogre 02:20, 15 Dec 2004 (UTC)
    • There's a lot of garbage floating its way into the Halo articles. I've had to ban an anon a couple of times for adding and readding nonsense and speculative nonsense. -- Cyrius| 03:22, 15 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • Comment: Why is this back from speedy delete hell? Geogre 04:48, 16 Dec 2004 (UTC)
    • History sez, recreated by anon. -- Cyrius| 06:54, 16 Dec 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete. This is the sort of poorly-written non-article that gives fancruft a bad name. BTW someone's removed the VfD banner from the page. P Ingerson 16:16, 16 Dec 2004 (UTC)
    It got speedy deleted at some point, probably incorrectly; it then got recreated. I then slapped a deleteagain on it (I'd seen it be speedy deleted, I'd just forgotten I had a VfD running against it). I've added another VfD header on it now. --fvw* 17:15, 2004 Dec 16 (UTC)
  • Speedy or no, let's just make sure it gets deleted DreamGuy 22:14, Dec 17, 2004 (UTC)